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Foshan GuDun Wang Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.’s high-end brand "Tian Shicheng Royal gemstone slabs" is only one set of research and development, production and sales of an integrated manufacturer, the company’s main raw materials mainly precious stones, precious stones, semi-precious stones, natural crystal, agate, luxurious natural stone, blocks, agate stone, Decoration, petrified wood, lapis lazuli plate, Tiger Eye sheet, plate agate semi-precious stones, fossils plate, natural crystal plate, sheet malachite, jasper gemstone plates, etc., On the choice of materials, we not only strive to precious natural, but vary depending on the quality of the material, but also outstanding design to create the perception of different styles of products, a variety of raw materials have a variety of unique textures and colors, features, day fortress - In pure craft tradition inheritance so far, in all the most sophisticated processing technology, the days of fortress heritage professional technicians and carry forward the traditional European craftsmanship unique advantages, into the modern high-tech assistance, make the product even more remarkable craft exquisite, perfect, luxurious , unique, natural, non-radiation, practical, making Tian Shicheng building materials brands have elsewhere can not look up to professional quality;